Dannielle “Nicka” Nie loves being in her kitchen. When her children were young, she delighted in cooking and baking treats with plenty of mouths to gobble them up!

Now that Nicka’s children are grown and caring for their own families, mothering them the way that she used to has become less practical. She wanted to continue caring for her children in a way that was more functional, so she decided to explore a new hobby: soap making. Considering that her family has a history of skin problems, the solution seemed perfect: homemade soap, bath and body products. She quickly discovered the detriments of commercially manufactured soap and skin-care products: Over processing and additives can irritate and dry out sensitive skin. Finally, Nicka had discovered how she could nurture her family, despite long distance.

Three years after Magnolia Springs was founded, and after receiving rave reviews from family and friends, Nicka decided to share her products with you. Enlisting the help of her youngest son Jason, she built up her business and this web site.

We hope you will love Magnolia Springs’ products as much as we do! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about our skin care line.



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