Many people have immune system disorders, deficiencies, degenerative problems or simply just want to be healthy. Human beings are generally under-nourished because the foods we eat are filled with preservatives. Our methods of processing food are depleting the food source of most of the original and beneficial nutrients. I do not know anyone who has an abundance of time to spend maintaining their physical health, or anyone who has time to be sick. With Juice Plus+ there is an easy way to get every nutrient necessary for optimal cell function, in perfect proportion, from a natural, whole food source.

Please take a minute for yourself and look into this product. Juice Plus+ is a 100 % whole food. It is easily 100 % digestible containing 17 of the most nutritionally dense fruits, vegetables and grains providing antioxidants, enzymes, phyto-chemicals, plant vitamins & minerals, soluble and insoluble fiber and more. You can prepare yourself for more energy, to be alert and handle stress easier. Juice Plus+ gives your body what it needs to have better recovery after a work out, a day at the office, or even from an injury. Internally, you will lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, regulate your waking and sleep cycle while new cells generate fresh skin and hair to help you look and perform your best. Our blood cells have a life span of 60-120 days. In 3-4 months, our blood supply is completely replaced with fresh cells. In 6 months, most of our body’s proteins are replenished. In a year’s time, all our bones rebuild themselves with nutrients from the foods we eat. It is not too late or so hard, as I once thought, to be healthy. I want to offer you the same price plan I get as a distributor. With the Juice Plus+ “Preferred Customer Re-Order,” option you can receive a four-month supply of Juice Plus+ caplets (Orchard & Vegetable Blend) for below retail at $ 39.50. You choose which month to start, what day your card is to be billed and may cancel this service at any time! For additional updated information about Juice Plus+, please call one of our “listen lines” open 24 hours a day, (888) 675-0348 or (800) 624-7671.

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